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eSymptoms is our attempt to make life-saving medical information -
  • easily accessible to everyone, anywhere,
  • in a such format that anyone can easily understand,
  • through multiple forms of digital social media!

This website is continuation of efforts initiated by Prof. Dr. N D Kamat. Dr Kamat wrote a book in 2001 titled "Mothe Honyacha Sopa Marg" (An Easy Path To Greatness), The book was meant to guide kids and parents from Maharashtra's rural area. 

Dr Kamat (1928-2005) was a world renown botanist with 60+ papers in International Journals and 10+ books.  For a son of farmer, who walked few miles everyday to get the middle school education, getting BSc from Elphinstone College and PhD from Nagpur University was not sufficient. It was spreading the knowledge back in Rural Maharashtra to reach out to the kids and parents alike. So apart from writing A Text Book of Algae (S. Chand & Co 1978), Diatoms of Maharashtra, he found time to research for books like "Bag kam Shrastra (Gardening Science) written for farmers of Maharashtra. To research for this book, he grew more than 250 shrubs, plants and trees at his home in Aurangabad, with more than 50 hybrid tea roses.

His success with "Mothe Honyacha Sopa Marg" has been inspirational to his four children. All of whom have been entrepreneurs, along with intellectuals. So to celebrate his teachings and sharing with rest of India for now, sanskar.info was initiated on October 15, 2017 (his 89th Birthday) by his children - Geeta Chaukulkar, Girish Kamat, Anjali Borkar & Satish Kamat. 

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