Prof. N D Kamat, MSc, PhD, FBS: Renowned Botanist, Author And Above All Humanitarian

Dr Kamat was one of the world-renowned Botanist. He had to his credit more than sixty research papers on Indian Algae, published in world’s leading Science Journals such as Botanique, Phycos, Hydrobiologia. He researched and published more than 3000 sweet water Algae and discovered more than 200 new Algae species that were new to the Botanical Science.


As Professor, he had his own Research Laboratory and guided more than 40 University Research Students in Institute of Sciences in Nagpur and Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

A prolific writer of more than 10 books, Dr Kamat wrote not only on his expertise – algae, but also on cooking – his hobby and for rural kids – how to be successful in this world. Some of the noteworthy books written by him are: A Text Book of Algae, Botanist and Botanical Research in Maharashtra, Topics in Algae, Algae of Kolhapur, Fresh Water Diatoms of Maharashtra, Gardening Science, and Algae etc.

A farmer’s son, born in 1928, in Saral, a small village near Alibaug, Maharashtra, he experienced the struggle of rural kids to be educated. For his middle school, he travelled daily few miles each way. He stayed with family friend in Mumbai, burning the midnight oil under street lamps, as family friends had  limited means. After matriculating from Chikistak Samuha High School, Mumbai, he joined Elphinstone College. 


He is survived by his wife Vimal, daughters - Geeta & Anjali and sons- Girish & Satish and their families.