In the beginning...

When I was building my company in Pune, I found that the mannerisms and behaviors that I took for granted, Having just returned from Global Corporate R&D, I could not expect from educated managers in my office, forget about individuals. I was surprised. Growing as the youngest son of a world renowned botanist, me and my siblings learnt how to carry ourselves in the world. I said "the world", as the "sanskar" my family put in me, allowed me to assimilate easily in societies from Iowa to Pennsylvania or in London, and back in Pune. That I think is the power of the values or sanskars!

Thus, when in 1996, my father, Dr N D Kamat wrote a book in marathi called "Mothe Honyacha Sopa Marg " (Easy Way To Become Significant In The World), I was a bit surprised about the audience he was reaching out. After all he was a well known author, professor and botanist . The first edition of few thousand copies was sold very quickly and it had to go to a quick second edition. What was interesting to learn that the most of customers were parents who bought this book either as a gift to their growing kids or young parents.

And then it dawn on to me, that today as rural Bharat increasingly becomes part of urban India, what my father taught us and what he wrote needs to be shared with a large part of our population. As a rural kid himself, he then understood that for India to progress the kids of rural Bharat will need to be educated in the mannerism and professionalism of Global World!

Thus the idea of was born. Today, on my father's 89th birthday, initating this website is our way of thanking him for his what we took as granted - sanskar - the family values!!!

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